MLT Approximate Projected Expenses

Fall 2022
Registration (assuming full-time - at least 12 hrs.) $3,084.00
Liability Insurance 9.95
Hepatitis B Vaccine 135.00
Textbooks 355.00
Uniforms (including shoes and lab coats) 100.00
State and National Professional Memberships 37.00
Truescreen Professional Background Check 29.50
Truescreen Drug Screen 38.75
Local Professional Membership 10.00
Paper and Organizational Supplies 75.00
Safety Glasses 10.00
TB Skin Test (two step) 15.00
TOTAL: $4,149.20
Spring 2023
Registration (assuming full-time) $3,084.00
Textbooks 250.00
Paper and Organizational Supplies 50.00
Hepatitis Ab Titer 45.00
TOTAL: $3,62900
Summer 2023
Registration (assuming 10 hrs.) $1,840.00
Liability Insurance 9.95
Textbooks 120.00
Uniforms (includes shoes and lab coats) 225.00
Paper and Organizational Supplies 40.00
TOTAL: $3,089.95
Fall 2023
Registration (assuming full-time) $3,084.00
Textbooks 150.00
Paper and Organizational Supplies 50.00
State and National Professional Membership 37.00
Local Professional Membership 10.00
TB Skin Test (one step) 15.00
TOTAL: $3,636.00
Spring 2024
Registration (full-time) $3,084.00
Textbooks 120.00
Paper and Organizational Supplies 50.00
Uniforms 150.00
TOTAL: $3,704.00
Summer 2024
Not necessary for most students with college credits earned before entering the program.
Registration (two courses maximum)


Textbooks 120.00
Paper and Organizational Supplies 30.00
TOTAL: $654.00
Following Graduation
Requirements to work
State Licensure Exam Application (due March 15) $60.00
Background Check for State License 58.00
National Certification Exam (ASCP) (due January 2) 215.00
 TOTAL:  $333.00
PROGRAM TOTAL: $19,355.15

Health exams and other required vaccinations (except Hepatitis B) may be obtained at minimal costs at local health departments.

This expense schedule is set up for students entering the program with no previous college credits.  This document assumes a full time load of at least 12 credit hours.  Credit hour loads vary from student to student.  Students who have already completed some of the required general education courses before entering the program may not be required to be a Full Time student during the first three semesters and will therefore have lower maintenance fees than indicated.

Current fees:  $257.00 per credit hour for basic registration fees. There is also a $10.00 per credit hour technology fee added, an activity fee of $4.00 per semester, and a campus access or a parking fee of $16.00 added.  A ONE TIME college application fee of $10.00 is charged to NEW students only.  An International Education fee of $10.00 is also added to the student fees.  A $25.00 Health Sciences Fee is assessed per credit hour.