MLT Mission Statement

Vision Statement

The Jackson State Community College Medical Laboratory Technician Program provides an accredited Associate Degree program, committed to excellence in the professional education of competent medical laboratory personnel.

Mission Statement

Jackson State Community College sponsors a two year Medical Laboratory Technician Program which, upon completion, qualifies a student to receive an Associate of Applied Science degree. Graduates are eligible to make application for an MLT laboratory license in the State of Tennessee and are eligible to write the national certification examinations (ASCP and/or AMT) for Medical Laboratory Technicians/Clinical Laboratory Technicians.

The Medical Laboratory Technician Program, with the assistance of its clinical affiliate laboratories, is committed to providing quality didactic and clinical instruction, encompassing the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains of learning, to prepare its graduates to work upon career entry as competent medical laboratory technicians in health care facilities in West Tennessee. The program is committed to meeting the employment needs of medical laboratories and to providing quality continuing education to laboratory professionals in the JSCC service area.

Goals of the MLT Program

The MLT Program at JSCC strives to produce graduates who:

  1. through general and technical education, are qualified to perform with minimal supervision, the tests routinely performed in clinical laboratories.
  2. will strive for accuracy in the performance of tests and will make every effort to eliminate error.
  3. have an adequate job knowledge which can be applied to work and test situations.
  4. are able to recognize irregularities in test results and procedures and make corrections according to preset strategies and criteria and refer them to more qualified personnel when appropriate.
  5. are skillful in the operation of laboratory instruments and are able to recognize instrument failures and take appropriate actions.
  6. will adapt well to various work situations.
  7. are able to correlate test results in order to confirm them.
  8. keep accurate and legible records and are able to communicate reports clearly to fellow medical personnel.
  9. are able to collect, label, identify, and log in specimens accurately.
  10. will take responsibility for their own work and are able to organize their work to make the most efficient use of time.
  11. work well with others in a team effort.
  12. are able to evaluate the performance of others and relate it to their own work.
  13. are able to perform efficiently under stress.
  14. are able to demonstrate and explain routine procedures to others in the laboratory.
  15. will have the qualities of honesty and intellectual integrity beyond reproach.
  16. will strive to keep their competence and knowledge current in relation to the changing work environment.
  17. will actively participate in professional organizations in their specialty.
  18. will always conduct themselves professionally and ethically.
  19. will establish a good rapport with other medical personnel and patients.