HSC 160 Laboratory Supervision and Management

This online course is designed to present a review of the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective laboratory supervisor. Topics to be included are: motivation, delegation, time management, stress management, communication, employee selection and evaluation, budgeting, workload recording, etc. (Prerequisite: Previous laboratory experience, Medical Technologist (MT or CLS) Certification, and permission of the MLT Program Director)

This 3 credit hour course will offer the Medical Technologist the opportunity to earn 45 of the 60 required hours toward their State of Tennessee Supervisor's License.  The State of Tennessee Medical Laboratory Board will still require eight (8) hours of a face-to-face management seminar not provided by Jackson State.

This is a totally online format course using eLearn as the authoring tool.

The student should fill out an JSCC admissions application.

The student will need to purchase the textbook entitled:
Laboratory Management: Principles and Processes, 3rd Ed. Denise M. Harmening, PhD.
F. A. Davis Publishers.

The overall cost of the course would total approximately $600.00.

  1. Medically-related experience
  2. Knowledge about the profession
  3. Well planned goals and future
  4. Communication ability