Transfer and Readmission Applicants

Transfer Applicants:

  • Must meet all program admission requirements; be selected for program admission, and complete all enrollment requirements.
  • Submit a written request for transfer, explaining their rationale.
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from the dean/director of the previous nursing program verifying the student is in good standing and eligible to return, or continue enrollment in nursing courses.
  • Submit all official transcripts, course syllabi and clinical evaluation tools for nursing courses completed in the prior nursing program. 
  • Should understand that nursing courses from other nationally-accredited programs will be evaluated for transfer on an individual basis and if transferred, all nursing courses must be completed with three years of initial enrollment in nursing courses.

Readmission Applicants:

  • Must submit readmission request forms by specified deadlines and must meet program admission, enrollment, and continuation requirements.
  • Must be able to complete nursing course work within 150% in the defined program length.
  • Will be considered for readmission status only once if unable to progress academically in the program. When repeating a course, all course prerequisites and requirements must be fulfilled.
  • May be required to submit evidence of remediation, counseling, or other activities in an effort to enhance academic success.
  • Must be recommended by consensus of the faculty if dismissed from the program due to unsatisfactory clinical performance or academic misconduct.
  • Should understand that program requirements may change and if readmitted, the student must meet the requirements in effect at the time of their readmission. 
  • Should understand that readmission is not guaranteed and if the number of readmission requests exceeds available space, applicants will be evaluated for readmission according to the program's readmission evaluation criteria.