Program Outcomes

The student who successfully completes the Jackson State Community College nursing program will demonstrate eight core competencies of nursing.  The expected levels of achievement for program outcomes relating to program completion rate, licensure pass rate, job placement, graduate satisfaction, and employer satisfaction are as follows:

  1. Licensure exam pass rate is greater than 80% annually for all first-time NCLEX-RN examinees.
  2. Program completion rate is at least 25% of enrolled students complete the program within 100% of the intended curriculum length.
  3. Job placement rate is at least 90% of program graduates (who seek employment) are employed in a nursing position within one year of graduation.
  4. Other Outcomes

    1. Upon program completion, ninety (90) percent of students will report satisfaction with their preparation to fulfill end-of-program student learning outcomes.

    2. Ninety (90) percent of employers will report satisfaction with graduate preparation to fulfill end-of-program student learning outcomes, six to twelve months after graduation (based upon employers who respond to the survey). 
NCLEX-RN Licensure Pass Rate
Year National Average
Pass Rate
JSCC Graduate
Pass Rate
2019 88.2% 99%
2020 86.6% 98%
2021 82.5% 95.1%
2022 80.87% 97%
Program Completion Rate
Graduation Year Completion Rate
2019 25.5%
2020 25.9%
2021 27.2%
2022 29.4%
Job Placement, Graduate and Employer Satisfaction Rates*
Year Job Placement Graduate Satisfaction Employer Satisfaction
2019 100% 100% 99%
2020 98% 100% 99%
2021 97% 99% -

*Rates rounded to nearest whole number