The faculty, staff and students of Jackson State Community College are entitled to check out library materials. The University of Memphis students at the Jackson State Center and the University of Tennessee at Martin students on the Jackson State campus are guided by the same policy. Members of the community can also check out library materials.

Identification cards issued to full-time students are used as library cards. These cards are usually obtained during the registration process.

First-time community borrowers are required to fill out a guest card and to present at least one type of identification, preferably a driver's license.

Loan Periods

  • Regular Loans: 2 weeks. 1 renewal.
  • Reserve Books: As Indicated by the Instructor
  • Audios: 1 week
  • DVDs and Videos 1 week

Quantity Limits

  • Books
    • JSCC Students and staff: 8
    • JSCC Faculty 15
    • JSCC Alumni: 6
    • Area College Students: 3
    • Community Patrons: 3
  • Audio Materials
    • JSCC Students and Community: 2
    • Faculty: 3
  • Videos
    • JSCC Students: 2
    • Faculty: 3
    • Community Patrons: may not check out videos, except those from the Walter Harrison collection on Attention Deficit Disorder. They are limited to 2 of these videos.
  • CD-ROMs
    • JSCC students 2
    • JSCC Faculty and Staff: 2
    • Community Patrons: may not check out CD-ROMs and diskettes

Materials may not be renewed if requested by another patron. The library reserves the right to recall immediately any materials needed by JSCC students or faculty.

Books on loan for the regular 14 day check out period may be renewed online. One renewal is allowed.

(Renew your books online (with your last name and barcode number) (Where it says JSCC, Lemoyne-Owen and other UM patrons) (Or you can click on My Library account on the left hand side of the online catalog)

Reference books and periodicals must be used in the library.

Students enrolled in courses off-campus are entitled to the same privileges as on-campus students. Materials may be mailed to them, if requested.

Overdue notices are sent to borrowers as a courtesy or reminder. However, any student having materials overdue at the end of the semester will have his or her grades withheld until the materials are paid for or returned.

The borrower is responsible for returning all library materials promptly and in good condition. Otherwise, the borrower will be charged for the loss or damage of a book. If a borrower finds a lost book (for which he/she has already paid) and returns it within a year and in good condition, the money will be refunded to the borrower.