Interlibrary Loan

The purpose of Interlibrary Loan is to obtain materials that are not owned by the Jackson State Library and that can be obtained from other libraries. The service is offered to faculty, students and staff of Jackson State.

To reciprocate, the JSCC Library also lends materials to other libraries.



JSCC students, faculty (full and adjunct), and staff are eligible for interlibrary loan service.


OCLC (the Online Computer Library Center) and its WorldShare Interlibrary loan system are used to request items electronically.

Requests will be made for books, photocopies of  periodical articles and dissertations.  No requests will be made for audio-visual materials, reference books computer software or manuscripts.

The JSCC Library will fulfill no more than five requests per week per person.

Interlibrary Loan Request Form

Students, faculty and staff on the JSCC campus can come by the library and fill out a paper interlibrary loan form to request materials.

Anyone can also fill out an  JSCC Library interlibrary loan form online. The patron should fill out the form as completely as possible, listing all the appropriate bibliographic data about the materials requested.

Receipt of materials

JSCC students, faculty and staff on campus can pick up books at the front desk of the JSCC library.  In addition, dual enrollment students in Jackson will need to pick up books at the JSCC Library also

Interlibrary loan books for students, faculty and staff at the 3 off-campus centers will be sent there for pick-up.   Materials will be mailed to students taking dual enrollment classes outside of Jackson.

Periodical articles will be sent via scanning usually and will be forwarded to a student, faculty or staff email.

Notifying the Patron

Interlibrary loan staff will notify patrons when their materials arrive. Material will be kept for two weeks at the front desk of the library after the first notification.  After two weeks, materials will be sent back to the lending library.


The JSCC Library will not charge library patrons for interlibrary loans unless the lending library levies a charge for the items. In that case, the patron is responsible for paying for the materials.

The patron must sign the Interlibrary Loan Request form and indicate how much he/she would be willing to pay if there is a charge. The patron will be notified if the charge exceeds that cost, and the patron can decide whether the transaction should still proceed.

Use of OCLC

OCLC (Online Computer Library Center) and its WorldShare Interlibrary Loan system will be used for interlibrary loans whenever possible.

Scanned Copies of Materials

The JSCC Library will request that articles from journals and selected pages from books be scanned.


If there is a need for a patron to renew materials, the Interlibrary Loan staff will attempt to make one renewal. The patron should request a renewal at least one week before the original due date.

Materials Lost or Damaged

It is the responsibility of the patron to pay for any charges that the lending library may impose if an item is lost, damaged, or late.



The JSCC Library will give first priority to requests from Tennessee libraries . Requests from libraries in other states will also be honored.   The OCLC WorldShare Interlibrary Loan System will be used for honoring requests for interlibrary loan.

Restrictions on Lending

The JSCC Library reserves the right to not lend books which have a current year

copyright date.  In addition, the following items will not be loaned to other libraries:.

  • Periodicals,
  • Reference books,
  • Health Science collection books
  • Electronic books,
  • Audio-visual materials,
  • Reserve material
  • Books that are frequently circulated.
  • Accelerated reader books
  • Books that are used in class assignments.
  • Books that are recently purchased.
  • Books in the Tennessee Collection
  • Books in the Professional Collection
  • Test Prep books.

Scanned Copies

The JSCC Library will make every effort to scan articles and send the documents by email to the borrowing library. Up to 25 pages of a book will be scanned upon request.   Only five articles from the same periodical may be loaned out during a calendar year.


The JSCC Library will not levy any charges for interlibrary loan except for requests from foreign countries. Libraries in foreign countries will have to arrange for payment through the JSCC Business Office before materials are sent.

If materials are damaged or not returned, the JSCC Library will assess a charge for the item as follows:

  1. cost to replace item, plus
  2. twenty dollar processing fee