Language and communication are the building blocks for all of society. It is how we related, engage, and share with one another. There is no career, field, or profession that does not benefit from the usage of these essential elements. Beyond that fact, the field of Humanities is full of its own exciting career and educational opportunities! With courses that offer students the first two years of a bachelor’s degree in English, Foreign Language, and Mass Communication, students have the opportunity to get ahead while staying close!

  • Do you enjoy writing and reading?
  • Are you interested in expressing yourself by combining words and technology?
  • Are you interested in learning about other cultures, as well as your own?
  • Do you enjoy communicating with and learning from a diverse population?

The Humanities division at Jackson State offers students the opportunity to turn a love of words, reading, and language into a successful career. The Humanities division gives students the opportunity to form a firm foundation upon which to pursue their bachelor’s degree and beyond. Also, the courses are beneficial for anyone interested in better communication and interaction in their chosen field. Check out the areas listed below to discover which section of the Humanities is right for you!