Embedded Librarian

What is an Embedded Librarian?

An Embedded Librarian serves as a research coach and is available online, by phone or in person. The Embedded Librarian is there to ensure student success in assignments that involve library research.

What services can Embedded Librarians provide?

  • assistance for students in finding information for papers or speeches
  • assistance in finding scholarly journal articles.
  • guidance in using the Library's resources
  • explanations of the usage of the various citation styles
  • information for students in how to evaluate sources that they come across in their research
  • information about formulating a search strategy for research
  • the basics of using the Internet for research and how to find the best Internet resources.

How can I access an Embedded Librarian?

Embedded Librarians are available in some online, hybrid and distance learning (televised) classes that require students to conduct research to complete a class project. This service is currently available in seven classes and we plan to provide the service in more classes in the near future.

If your class has an Embedded Librarian, you can access the service through the Ask the Librarian discussion forum in the class discussion area. Embedded Librarians monitor discussion posts and will respond to questions from students in the class.

What classes currently have Embedded Librarians?

Fundamentals of Speech - SPCH-1010-12W_13W-CXL
Human Growth and Development - EDU-2230-D2H_DLH_DLL_DLS-CXL
Intro to Special Education - EDU-2100-01W
Introduction to Teaching    EDU-1120-01_DLH_DLL_DLS-CXL
Survey American History I - HIST-2010-01
Survey American History I - HIST-2010-03
Survey World Civilizations I - HIST-1110-02W

What if my class does not have an Embedded Librarian, how can I get research assistance?

The Jackson State Library webpage offers links to databases, resources and provides a number where you can contact a librarian if you need help. Check out the JSCC Library Site.