Engineering Systems Technology

Preparing technical and/or technical management oriented professionals for employment in business, industry, and government is the goal of the Engineering Systems Technology program at JSCC. Engineering Systems Technology is essentially concerned with the operation, maintenance, and management of technically complex systems, as opposed to Engineering, which is essentially concerned with the installation of such systems and the research of new concepts.

Engineering Systems Technology graduates typically find employment in such areas as Industrial Technician, Mechanical Drafter, Multi-Craft Maintenance Technician, Control Systems Technician and PLC Programmer. For those with the entrepreneurial spirit, additional opportunities exist in industrial and technical sales.

The Engineering Systems Technology program concentration strives to provide accessible, quality, affordable, and occupationally-driven courses as related to the goals, objectives, and mission statements of the College and the Engineering Systems Technology area. The concentration seeks to accomplish this by instructional excellence and collaborative interaction with the industrial community. Student career preparation is grounded in a core of general education and technology based courses intended to prepare the student to function effectively in a technology environment.