Honors Program

The JSCC Honors Program provides mentored educational enrichment opportunities for academically advanced students.  Students with 12 earned hours of college credit and a 3.25 GPA are eligible to apply for admission to the Honors Program. First semester students with an overall ACT score of 25 or above are also eligible to apply. 

Why Join the Honors Program?

  • Honors Classes and Contracts: As an Honors Student, you will be able to enroll in Honors course sections, which have been designed from the ground up with Honors Students in mind. These classes offer in-depth exploration of the course material and provide enhanced opportunities for students to develop their academic skillset. Honors sections are also smaller than standard course sections (no more than 15 students per class), which allows students to work more closely with their professors and peers. Honors Students can also earn honors credits by developing Honors Contracts with their professors. Honors Contracts provide individualized honors learning experiences to students enrolled in non-honors course sections. 
  • The Honors Community: In the JSCC Honors Program, you will meet and collaborate with students who share in your pursuit of academic excellence. Your fellow Honors Students will both challenge you and support you in your academic pursuits!
  • Recognition for Your Achievements: Students who complete the Honors Program’s requirements will graduate with the Honors Program distinction. Honors Program graduates receive recognition for their achievement on their transcripts, in the graduation program, and on their diploma. They are also awarded Honors Graduate cords to wear with their graduation regalia!
  • For Your Future: Completing honors coursework and graduating with the Honors Program distinction will show your future prospective employers that you are ready, willing, and able to take on unique challenges. Honors credits and the Honors Program distinction also look great on transfer college applications and scholarship applications!

Requirements for Graduating with Honors Program Distinction

  • Apply and receive admission to the JSCC Honors Program. Eligible students receive an email inviting them to apply.
  • Earn honors credits in at least five classes (15 credit hours minimum). Students earn honors credits either by taking designated Honors course sections or by completing Honors Contracts in non-honors sections. Honors credits must be earned in at least two different academic disciplines. 
  • Successfully complete a one-hour Honors Seminar course (HON 200). These courses focus on a different topic each semester and offer students the chance to explore important contemporary issues in a collaborative, discussion-based learning environment. 
  • Fulfill all standard requirements for a two-year degree with a final GPA of 3.25 or higher.
    • Students admitted to the Honors Program prior to Summer 2022 may choose to earn the Honors Distinction under the previous set of Honors Program requirements. See the Honors Program Coordinator for details.


honors logoPlease contact the Honors Program Coordinator, Prof. David Hart, for more information about JSCC's Honors Program.