SAILS (Seamless Alignment and Integrated Learning Support) introduces the college developmental math curriculum in the high school senior year. By embedding the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) Learning Support Math program in the high school Bridge Math course, students can get a head start on their college career. Students who successfully complete the program are ready to take a college math course, saving them time and money while accelerating their path to graduation.

Students who take the ACT their junior year and score less than a 19 in Math are required to take the Bridge Math course their senior year. In SAILS, these students can complete the college Learning Support Math program, preparing them for a college-level math course, which will give them a jump-start on their college career.

Advantages to Students

In a SAILS classroom, students who have struggled in math can become successful. The program blends online instruction with individual assistance to give students the help they need. Students in SAILS save both time and money, gaining up to three semesters and saving $1,500 in college tuition. Students completing the program in the fall are eligible to take a college-level math class in spring and may qualify for Dual Enrollment Grant funds.

Goal: Graduation

Studies have shown that giving students a head start in college increases both enrollment and graduation rates. Currently, dual enrollment programs are available for the best students to start their college career early, but SAILS expands these opportunities to all students.

The Time is Right

Several initiatives in Tennessee have the goal of increasing college graduation rates, including the College Complete Act and the Tennessee Diploma Project. By having TBR community colleges partner with their local high schools, SAILS can help Tennessee achieve its educational goals.

Trying Something New

Students who have struggled in the traditional lecture format of the high school math class will enjoy SAILS, which introduces blended learning, a combination of online instruction and individual assistance. By trying a new approach, students who have struggled in math can now succeed.

High Schools

As a high school who offers the bridge math class to seniors, you can participate in the SAILS program by partnering with the Tennessee Community College in your area. By blending the bridge math standards and the college learning support math competencies, public school systems can now help prepare seniors for college level math. You will be able to track students’ progress on a daily basis and offer on-ground support through your regular bridge math teacher who will facilitate the class. The high schools exercise complete control over the enrollment and daily operations of the class while benefiting from the blended curriculum and support from your Community College.

Parents and Students

If you are a rising senior who is not yet ready for college-level math (scored <19 on ACT math subtest), you now have a great opportunity to eliminate the need for remedial math when you go to college! The SAILS model will allow you to master the math competencies needed to be successful in college math while at the same time earning your high school bridge math credit required for graduation. You’ll be working in a computer lab in your high school with the support of your HS teacher/facilitator, a coordinator, and the community college faculty and administration. This program is totally free and will save you time and money in your college studies. You may also elect to take an actual college-level math class in the spring semester after completing your learning support math in the fall.

Each student who completes the SAILS Learning Support program will receive a certificate similar to the one linked from the navigation pane to the left. This certificate is your ticket to college-level math when you enroll in a TBR college or university!

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