Global Learning and International Education

Global Learning at Jackson State

The Global Learning Program at Jackson State believes that educating a responsible global citizenry is central to the community college mission. To that end The Global Learning Program aims to: 

  • Promote global citizenship through curricular and co-curricular programming;
  • Provide opportunities for students to learn about and enage with texts, ideas, and people from cultures different from our own;
  • To understand our responsibilities and roles as an international community of students and scholars;
  • To understand the diversity of our home communities through global education and local outreach;
  • Create and maintain local, national, and international educational partnerships that foster the intellectual and personal growth of the student, as well as the welfare and advancement of the Jackson State service area;
  • To prepare students to understand the problems of their local and global communities and to prepare them to respond to those problems with nuance, compassion, and integrity

Global and International Programming

For decades, Jackson State has introduced the campus and community to a variety of international speakers, scholars, and performers. From Irish dancers to Afro-Cuban bands, African singer-songwriters to Filipino cuisine, Jackson State prides itself on it extensive international programming that is free and available to everyone in our community. 

Upcoming Events

Have a Great Winter Break!

Look for a Virtual Study Abroad opportunity in Paris in Spring 2023!

International Education and Study Abroad

Curricular programming is at the heart of the Global Learning Program at Jackson State. Through the Tennessee Consortium for International Studies, Jackson State offers credit-bearing courses in programs that will take you all over the world. Studying in another country and in a culture different from your own will open doors for your future, both personally and professionally. A cultural immersion experience will help you see and appreciate the world from a new perspective.

Prospective employers see JSCC credits from study on your transcript and view your as a person who is self-motivated, independent, open to new ideas, able to cope with diverse situations and one who exhibits a willingness to embrace challenges.

Students wanting to earn college credit through an international learning experience have ample opportunities at Jackson State. JSCC is able to offer classes in a variety of disciplines in over twenty countries. So, get ready to sip coffee at Café de Flore in Paris while reading French poets, study Aristotle’s works while you roam around the Acropolis in Greece, or follow Darwin’s route in the Galapagos as you learn about biodiversity and the evolution of organisms! Those learning experiences are available through Jackson State and TnCIS!

Tennessee Consortium for International Studies

How To Study Abroad

____ Apply for passport! (Takes ~3 months)

____ Check out the Summer 2023 TnCIS Programs

____ Talk with your advisor about the course that best fits your degree program.

See our list of courses available in each program: JSCC Approved TnCIS Courses Summer 2023

____ Complete the JSCC International Scholarship application by 23 Jan. 2023. Instructions below!

Consider other applying for other grants and scholarships, if you qualify! 

____ Complete the TnCIS Application for your program of study by 11 Feb. 2023. : Go to the Program you're interested in and click on “Apply Now” 

  • Make sure you put JSCC as your Home Institution on the application!
  • Pay the application fee in the JSCC Business Office; take a copy of the receipt to Dr. Anna Esquivel (Nelms Classroom Building C113H)

____ Check your email often for communications from TnCIS and the Global Learning Program!

____ Consider registering for GLOB1000: Interntational Education, a 1-hour SPRING 2023 course offered at JSCC to help you better prepare for your study abroad experience. This class makes a great elective! 

Need Help?

Jackson State International Ambassador Scholarship

The Jackson State International Ambassador Scholarship is a competitive scholarship intended to support student travel study opportunities. 

Minimum Requirements for Applicants:

  • Must be currently enrolled at JSCC
  • In good academic standing
  • Have a minimum 2.0 G.P.A.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age at the time of travel
  • Must complete 12 college-level credit hours prior to travel
  • Must obtain a valid passport prior to travel 

A complete application for this scholarship will include:

  • Application cover letter providing information about yourself.
  • Typed 500-word essay addressing the question: Why do you want to study abroad? Be sure to explain what you hope to learn and how you believe this experience will enhance your education.
  • Two letters of support; one must be from a JSCC faculty member. Have your recommenders send their letters to Dr. Anna Esquivel at by the deadline below.

Completed applications and all documents must be emailed to Dr. Anna Esquivel at  by 23 January 2023.


Photo of Anna EsquivelAnna Esquivel, Ph.D.
Chair of Languages and Literature, Global Learning Coordinator, and Associate Professor of English