International Education

Why Study Abroad?

Living and studying in another country and in a culture different from your own will open doors for your future, both personally and professionally. A cultural immersion experience will help you see and appreciate the world with a new perspective.

Prospective employers see JSCC credits from study on your transcript and view your as a person who is self-motivated, independent, open to new ideas, able to cope with diverse situations and one who exhibits a willingness to embrace challenges.

Students wanting to earn college credit through an international learning experience have ample opportunities at Jackson State. JSCC is able to offer classes in a variety of disciplines in over twenty countries. Jackson State offers these travel experiences while earning college credit and is able to provide partial scholarships for students wanting to study abroad.

Tennessee Consortium for International Studies


There are a number of activities scheduled throughout the school year that encourage students to learn more about other countries and cultures. These activities include:

  • Lectures from experts who have traveled and written about a variety of countries
  • Myriad international snack and beverage tasting experiences
  • Dance lessons
  • International meals highlighting both local vendors and student offerings
  • Musical groups, both in concert format and interactive performance


Photo of Mechel CampMechel Camp, Ph.D.
Dean of Communication & Humanities/Prof. of English