Math and Science Scholarship

Application Requirements

  • Resident within the Jackson State Community College service area
  • Have a demonstrated financial need
  • Be a second-year student at Jackson State, majoring in math or science and planning to pursue a bachelor's

Scholarship Amount

  • Will vary according to need and availability of
  • The maximum award will be full tuition and

Application Distribution

  • Applications are available at the Financial Aid Office and Admissions
  • Award is listed in the Jackson State Community College financial aid brochure

Application Deadline

  • April 1 of each

Selection Process

  • The selection committee will be made up of five faculty members from the math and science departments who have been elected by their department
  • The recipient will be selected based on financial need, academic qualifications, and date of Application.
  • To receive the award for a second semester, the recipient must maintain a 2.5 P.A.

Notification of Scholarship Recipients

  • The President of Jackson State Community College, or his designee, will notify the recipient in writing within two weeks of selection.

Contact information: